Books about Gambling Addictions

Gambling Addiction booksHere’s a list of┬árecommended books on gambling addictions. These books provide insight, guidance, and support for those affected by problem gambling, as well as their loved ones:

  1. Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas” by Natasha Dow Sch├╝ll This book explores the addictive nature of modern gambling machines and how they are designed to keep players engaged and encourage problematic behaviour.
  2. The Easy Way to Stop Gambling: Take Control of Your Life” by Allen Carr Allen Carr provides a practical and straightforward method for overcoming gambling addiction, focusing on understanding the root causes and changing one’s mindset to regain control.
  3. Gambling Addiction Recovery Workbook: Written by a Former Gambler” by C.W.V. Straaten Straaten’s workbook offers a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to recovering from gambling addiction, drawing from personal experience and professional knowledge.
  4. All Bets Are Off: Losers, Liars, and Recovery from Gambling Addiction” by Arnie Wexler and Sheila Wexler In this book, Arnie Wexler, a former compulsive gambler, shares his personal journey of addiction and recovery, offering hope and guidance to others in similar situations.
  5. When Luck Runs Out: Help for Compulsive Gamblers and Their Families” by Robert L. Custer and Harry Milt. This book, written by a pioneering psychiatrist in the field of gambling addiction, provides an in-depth look at the causes, consequences, and treatment options for problem gambling.
  6. Gamble-Away: A Guide to Overcoming Gambling Addiction” by Peter Ferentzy and Wayne Skinner Ferentzy and Skinner offers practical advice and strategies for those looking to break free from the grip of gambling addiction and rebuild their lives.
  7. Behind the 8-Ball: A Recovery Guide for the Families of Gamblers” by Linda Berman and Mary-Ellen Siegel This book focuses on the experiences of the families affected by problem gambling, providing support, understanding, and guidance for coping with a loved one’s addiction.
  8. Losing Your Shirt: Recovery for Compulsive Gamblers and Their Families” by Mary Heineman Heineman offers a compassionate and informative guide to understanding gambling addiction, its impact on families, and the path to recovery.

All these above books offer valuable insights and resources for individuals struggling with gambling addiction and their families, promoting understanding and providing a pathway to recovery.

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